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September 9 Media was born of a divorced Mom’s desire to be more available to her adolescent daughter. A expert in communications marketing, corporate jobs made it difficult for this mother to parent her rising high-schooler with the intentionality that her daughter deserved. So, she quit her job and went into business on the 9th of September of that year. Her first client was the corporation whose project she had managed for three years for her employer. The St. Louis client wanted her new firm to continue producing their annual national television production. Her former employer agreed. That was twenty-six years ago. Today, September 9 Media continues to serve its clients with dedication and excellence.

Skilled & Experienced

September 9 Media collaborates with companies, organizations, churches, and professional personalities, helping them to craft and communicate their messaging and brand. The professional team of September 9 commits its expertise to producing exceptional communications, editorial, and broadcast design products. We are skilled in helping clients to organize and plan campaign roll-outs, by caring for every detail to support each campaign’s success. If a client is assessing the feasibility of launching a campaign, our research capability helps them to uncover valuable data to assist in direction of the project. We can interface with internal and external client teams, offer relationship management support, and provide continuity by simplifying the communication of complex information.

A multi-service firm, our catalog of services includes business training and consultancy. Would retreats, workshops or trainings be a valuable investment in your staff and leadership team? Customized events are designed with your corporate culture, mission, and vision in mind. The objective is to facilitate bonding, cohesion, inclusiveness, and care for your staff.

Most requested for their effectiveness in developing soft-skills, are our custom training modules. Noted for improving the quality of customer service, our training modules will expand the capacity of your team to work better with each other, and your customers.