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The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot in our world, and in our lives. One of the most devastating experiences is the massive number of souls lost to the virus. It is unimaginable that we can't be with our loved ones who fall prey to COVID-19, and it is horrible that our loved ones are not with those who care about them in their final hours. The virus impedes us from having traditional funeral services to honor the lives of our loved ones, and robs us of comfort from close family and friends. I know because it happened to me. When I lost my Dad, we decided that we would use our broadcast design skills to produce a television quality celebration to honor his life. For a modest price, we are doing the same for other affected families.

Terhea Furr

Benefits Of A Virtual Service

Here are some practical and cost effective reasons for a Virtual Memorial Service.

  • A virtual service honors the safety protocols of social distancing.
  • Attendance is generally higher for a virtual service than for in-person visitation, because of the pandemic.
  • A virtual service is easier to attend for senior adults, or for anyone with a physical impairment.
  • The service is not interrupted or delayed by inclement weather.
  • Allows the service to be exactly as long or short as you would like.
  • A pre-recorded service guarantees quality lighting, and sound of all spoken and musical presentations.
  • Out-of-town family and friends may attend without having to travel to participate.
  • The service may be scheduled at any time.
  • Planning based on the funeral home’s availability is not necessary.
  • Future viewings may be scheduled if the service date and time is inconvenient for some guests.
  • The service is preserved as a keepsake DVD for the family and may be viewed as often as desired.

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